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Sara Beth

Dealing with Bins, LLC has been a great experience for me. I was able to empty my house of unnecessary boxes in order to get it ready to sell, while having access to any of the items, if I needed. I loved being able to store things in a neat and clean area, which were not exposed to bugs or affected by the weather conditions. I had plenty of room for my needs , found this very fair and affordable, and knew that I could upgrade to a larger size if necessary. The bin was easy to rent, delivered quickly and efficiently and the staff was warm and friendly. My questions were answered and I felt that I was dealing with an honest company. That's why I set up an automatic monthly payment plan and my invoice was sent directly to me online. Other places I had researched were more expensive. From the beginning of the process until the end, I didn't have to think about this rental and when it was time for me to move, pick-up was arranged and a very courteous and friendly "thank you" was said to me as if I had done the favor for Bins. I would definitely recommend this company and their services to anyone needing storage or moving.

Sara Beth

Susan L. Fisher

Thanks so much for the outstanding service I received from your company. Recently I was faced with moving all of my father's belongings from Grove City to Circleville for an estate auction. This task was overwhelming. It required pick up and delivery at a certain time to ensure the items arrived in time to be unloaded and prepared for the auction. I talked to several other companies who could not guarantee that my unique requirements could be met. However, BINS made a commitment and it was kept. I want to thank you and your driver Les Terry for the excellent service. Les made sure that the Bin was delivered and placed in the driveway in a position to make loading easy. In addition, the BINS technology leading system that allows the container to be level during the loading and unloading process enabled everything to arrive safely at the auction site. I would highly recommend your service to anyone needing a storage container.

Susan L. Fisher

Brian Oles

Greg - I just wanted to send you a thank you for all your help during my moving process. Being able to use the smaller bin while we staged the house was really helpful. Then your flexibility to allow us to move up to a larger bin for our long term storage needs was exactly what we needed. It is great to know that our stuff will be stored safely until we find out permanent landing spot. I also really appreciate the way you were able to deliver and pickup on short notice and even in the instances of me changing delivery times on late notice.

Thank you again for all your help.
Brian Oles

Burke Cessna

I had a terrific experience with "Bins" and would like to share with anyone interested. I priced out both of the large container companies, found Bins to be more affordable. This was all new to me, so I wasn't sure. Upon contact, they were very accommodating and flexible with schedule to my needs. The drivers and workers were very professional and hit the times I requested. My driveway had concrete work being done so they even went the extra mile of placement, all done with a smile. During the storage months I needed to get some things back out of the Bin and not only did they help, they offered to provide labor on the spot to search for such hidden items. This was not part of the agreement, rather just being good people in the moment. I will always call them when I have storage needs. I felt like my business mattered to them. Good company!

Burke Cessna

Dave Brown

After successfully selling our home last summer we were faced with a temporary move while I built our new home. Like most, I googled storage pods as we were going to need to store a good portion of our belongings. I reached out to several different companies and selected Bins for our storage needs for two reasons, reasonable pricing and Greg Tuel.

While price is important, customer service is something I value above all else. I immediately felt comfortable with Greg. He took the time to explain the process and was open and accommodating to all my concerns. I immediately knew my search was over.
I can say in hindsight, I was absolutely correct in my hunch. Greg did everything he said he would and when we realized we underestimated our needs and required an additional unit, on virtually no notice Greg made it happen and got an additional unit out almost immediately.
When it was time to move to the new home, Greg coordinated with the movers and handled the logistics to bring both units back the same day, on time and as promised.

One thing I’ve learned through my years in business is that…service matters. Customer service is a lost art in the sales/service industry. Given our current economy, that’s the one thing you would think companies would try to get right in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Instead, service is at an all-time low in America to the point that when you receive “good” service it stands out. The few times when you’re lucky enough to receive “outstanding” service you really feel and appreciate it. Greg’s attention to detail and his follow-up have been impeccable.

As a homebuilder in Central Ohio, I will certainly continue to recommend Bins and Greg to all our customers.

Dave Brown, President Regent Homes

Tamim Parsa, President Marketing & IT

For our move we looked at several storage options. We liked the portable storage concept because we could get a head start with our move and load our items during times that were convenient for us. We received quotes from PODS and we were turned off by its price. We saw a local company using BINS. I called right away and received a quote from Greg. The price was right and the customer service was good so we ordered one. They had it delivered very quickly. The convenience of having your own storage unit outside your home made moving during the cold weather a lot easier. We highly recommend BINS.

Rhoades Family - Worthington Ohio

We fell in love with our dream house and a lot had to happen quickly. I remembered overhearing a friend talking about this very inexpensive way to move using large metal containers that you fill and then can store and/or have delivered to your new home. I remembered a neighbor used one when she refinished her floors so..Googling I went. 
I called the first company and 20 minutes later I felt pushed, confused and ripped off.

I ran over to my neighbor's, Trina, and asked "did you have the same experience"? She said "No don't call P##Ds you call BINS because they are a local company who are much better and they clean the bins in between" This appealed to my pocketbook, my fear of bugs and my need for simplicity during a stressful move.

This time I called BINS and an actual person answered and proceeded to give me excellent customer service for the next two months. The bins were there the minute I needed them. We loaded half our stuff and stored it in their facility for great fee - this made the realtor very happy!

Our house sold quickly and we ordered another unit to start packing. Opps we filled it..Called the company on a a Sunday morning.."Help! We are closing on the house and need another BIN"! There was one in our driveway early the next morning. The drivers were professional, nice and very respectful to my family and our property(s). We highly recommend BINS for moving or remodeling!

The Rhoades Family
Worthington Ohio

Dustin A. Mondrach

Dear Mr. Tuel,

Thank you for the temporary storage services you provided during our remodeling project.The onsite BINS afforded our client the opportunity to continue accessing stored garage items while also temporarily keeping them out of primary construction areas. The BINS were delivered and placed perfectly on the site. We especially appreciate your ability to accommodate our specific needs and work with us to provide a solution. We anticipate using Columbus Bins, LLC again in the future whenever we have similar circumstances.
Thanks again.


Greg, Thank you so much for helping Tyler and I with the move - using the Bin was really easy! I will be sure to write reviews for you wherever I can and I have written one below for you to use on your own website if you want. Tell Les we said thanks again as well he was very helpful!

I have moved every year for the last eight years-this year I used Bins and it was the EASIEST move by far!! They dropped off a 16' Bin at my old apartment. It only took up one parking spot and they were able to put it right up against the back patio pathway so I could literally walk everything straight out the back door and right into the Bin. The Bin sits on the ground so you don't have to walk up a ramp or lift your items like you would into a truck or a van. For me, the most stressful thing about moving in the past was having to hurry and move everything in one day. I moved my things into the Bin on my own time.

In the past when I would use moving companies everything had to be ready before they came and everything was moved on their schedule. The Bin was perfect because I had a lot of stuff to move and I did not need to rush loading or unloading! I loaded the Bin as I packed-this was great because there is nothing worse than packing your whole apartment and then not even being able to walk through it to load things into a truck as I have experienced in the past. If you are looking for a convenient, affordable way to make your move less stressful,

Jane - Columbus

Les just delivered and positioned perfectly the 16' BINS container. PODS was here yesterday and the driver could not set their 16' foot unit down due to their delivery system restrictions. So the PODS' driver left with the unit!

After PODS failed to deliver, I called BINS, and their container was delivered to me in less than 24 hours.

Wow. I am thoroughly impressed with BINS. Their service and delivery system is incomparable.

BINS, you get a 10

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Awesome Company! When we were looking into portable storage I was pricing out PODS and BINS and we went with BINS because the customer service was unbeatable and the pricing was very reasonable. All my questions and emails were answered right away and they were extremely professional and accommodating. I highly recommend this company.  

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