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icon-designMoving Services That is Second to None

Moving Services are not all alike. BINS Moving Services offer you more options and more convenience than other moving companies. With unparalleled, friendly service and top-of-the line delivery and containers, BINS has moving services that is second to none.

Moving Services Where the Customer Comes First

When you pick up the phone to speak with a BINS customer representative, you will notice the difference. Our employees are trained to help you find the best moving option which meets your needs. They will assist you in deciding what size of a container you should get, and make sure that container arrives on time, when you need Moving Services Columbus Ohioit.

Of course, you want your possessions to come out of the container the same way they went in, so BINS containers are the only containers which are carefully lifted with a robotic arm both on and off our trucks, ensuring that nothing in the container is damaged by movement. When BINS are on the ground, they are designed to sit firmly and not tip or sway, even in bad weather. They keep out the rain and are the only container especially designed to also be mold resistant.

Some companies use bright containers to help them advertise, but BINS knows that you don't want your home to be an eyesore in your neighborhood, so moving BINS are designed in neutral colors. They are also made of environmentally friendly recycled materials, which are better for your possessions as well as the environment.

Moving Services Which Give You More Options

BINS was developed to give consumers more choices. Unlike other companies, BINS offers not only the smaller apartment-sized 5 foot container, they also offer the larger 10 ft. and 16 ft. container options, so that there is a size for any moving need. You can also choose whether to store your items in a warehouse first, or have them directly moved to your new location.

BINS® will deliver moving supplies like:

  • boxes
  • tape
  • bubble wrap
  • tie-downs in the boxes

BINS® knows some people need other services too, so they also offer a chance to obtain:

  • moving pads
  • wardrobe bars
  • motorcycle tie-downs
  • insurance

Whether you need across town or across the country, BINS is your best choice for clean, affordable, reliable moving services.

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Awesome Company! When we were looking into portable storage I was pricing out PODS and BINS and we went with BINS because the customer service was unbeatable and the pricing was very reasonable. All my questions and emails were answered right away and they were extremely professional and accommodating. I highly recommend this company.  

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