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When you’re getting ready to move, there are a million things to consider: the moving company, the house, packing, cleaning, travel arrangements. The more ways you can find to make things easier on yourself, the better you will be in the long run.

Packing is one of those things that can be trickier than you think. When you’re using moving bins, it can help keep some of the control in your hands, but it also means you will want to think about how you pack.

Here are some tips for packing from Real Simple that should help make it a little easier:

    Heavy items go in small boxes. If you fill larger boxes with heavy items, you will end up with unwieldy boxes that are also incredibly heavy—not a great combination! Instead, fill larger boxes with things like clothes, pillows, blankets, and towels, and save the smaller boxes for things like books and heavy knick knacks.


    Heavier items go on the bottom. When you’re packing a box that has a few different types of items, always put the heavier items on the bottom. The reason for this is simple: weight distribution, balance, and stability. When the weight is at the bottom, the box becomes much easier to manage.


    Fill the box. Have you ever picked up a box that was half empty and heard the contents rolling around inside? That can be bad for moving, especially if those items are breakable! When you pack boxes, fill them up. You can use newspaper and packing peanuts, or even better, do double duty on your packing by filling the gaps with towels, clothes, rags, and if you have space on top, pillows or blankets!


    Label, label, label. There is no such thing as too much labeling on your boxes when you’re moving. If you aren’t sure how to label it, always include these two: the basics of what’s in the box, i.e., “Toys, stuffed animals, children’s books,” and the room in which it belongs: “Katie’s Room.” When you are unloading boxes, take the boxes straight to the room in which they belong to make unpacking easier.

If you’ve been through a move before, have you learned any lessons the hard way? What things did you find that made moving easier? 

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