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Moving from one place to another can be a daunting task in terms of the stress involved and the cost. It therefore requires you to be well prepared and know how to move effectively. Here are 5 great moving tips that can help you have a smooth move.

Plan your budget early

Moving can be expensive, thus you need to plan your budget prior to the moving and stick to it. As you plan your budget consider packing supplies charges, meals on the way, mover’s charges and the payment for reconnection of the utility bills in the place where you are moving to. Ensure that you have extra money above your budget to cater for any extra expense that may arise on the way. 

Provide self service

If you are working on a budget, you can decide to do some work for yourself instead of hiring experts to do so for you. For instance, you can do the packing and unpacking for yourself and save a large sum of money. Let the professionals do what you cannot be able to do. 

Leave those items that you do not require 

To lessen the burden and cost, you should not pack items that you may not use. Such items include old clothes, toys or furniture. You will realize that you have many unwanted items that may just add unnecessary cost and work. Therefore, get rid of them or resell to earn some money.

Search for the best mover

You will need to come up with a list of potential movers and check their reputation. Compare their cost and services, so that you select the one that will move you efficiently.

Choose local movers

Local movers are cheaper compared to those from other areas. They can also offer you great assistance throughout your move because they are readily available and close to you. 

Storage bins are a great way to reduce clutter in the home, as well as to protect valuables and outdoor equipment. In addition, they come in handy for moving purposes and are more manageable than a rental truck. When it comes to storage bins and moving, they allow a safer way to transport your items as they stay balanced, level, and conveniently load and unload without consuming a lot of space. They reduce the stress of rushing to unload because they are not a vehicle that needs returned in a timely matter. When you are done with them, they can be picked up. With those benefits in mind, a storage bin is great for many reasons and you control how long you need it. Aside from the benefits, you should look for certain features that provide for better storage.

Translucent Roof

A translucent roof allows light to get through the roof so you can see better while in the storage bin. This is important in order to properly organize your items in the bin with ease and to be able to see what you are doing for safety reasons.

Lockable Door

A lockable door is important, especially if you have valuable items in your storage bin. You will feel more secure and have peace of mind knowing that it would be very difficult for someone to break into it. It will also allow you to control who has access to the bin at any given time.

Aluminum and Fiberglass Construction

Having a bin that is made from aluminum and fiberglass prevents the annoyances of rust and corrosion. You will have easier opening and closing operations to the door and won’t have to worry about corroded spots in the bin that someone could break in with. Besides those advantages, it will also look better on your property!

Interior Tie Downs

Having interior tie downs in the storage bin serves many advantages. First off, it allows for more stability during transport. Second, it can assist with unstable stacking and storage. This is especially true with cardboard boxes, but plastic totes can be susceptible too when stacked high or when in hot climates.

No one likes clutter in their house, but it might seem like there’s never enough space for your belongings—you aren’t alone! In fact, here are some great ideas for exactly how to deal with the things that don’t quite fit. Sometimes, it just takes a little creativity.

Purge! The quickest way to reduce clutter is to get anything that doesn’t belong in the house out of the house. This might mean throwing items out, selling them, or donating them, but it could also mean looking into opportunities for storage while you sort out what’s what.

If you’re looking to dive into organizing your home, investing in storage bins is a great way to get started. This way, you can have a safe, easy place to store your items as you sort through them.

Get Clever in the Closet. There are a million ways to make a closet work better for you, from shelves and drawers made specifically to fit into tight spaces to clear bins that let you see what’s inside.

What about those items that just refuse to hang well on a hanger, things like heavy jacket, a thin dress, or accessories like handbags or scarves? This clever tip will make unwieldy items a thing of the past: use shower curtain hooks in your closet. They hang right next to your regular hangers and are great for items you want to keep close at hand without hiding away!

Moving can be a stressful time, but you can reduce a lot of that stress by planning ahead. Knowing exactly what’s coming next will help make everything run more smoothly, and when the inevitable surprise occurs, you will be more equipped to handle it!

Here are three tips that will help you along the way as you plan your move:

1. The Master List. There is enough on your plate in the middle of a move, and things get hectic quickly. Create control with a master list. This list will not only assist you with the extremely important task of organizing your thoughts and all of the things you need to do, it will also give you a bit of satisfaction along the way.

Each time you tick a checkbox on your master list, you will know you are one step closer to a mostly stress-free move!

Here are a few things you might include on your list:

  • Purging old items.
  • Yard sale
  • Ordering moving bins.
  • Packing.
  • Cleaning.

2. Pack for the New House. As you’re packing up your belongings, think ahead. Are you going to move the small lamp from your living room to your bedroom? What about shifting some of the artwork around?

When you start to pack, try to pack items that will end up in the same room together. Go a step further, and use a permanent marker to label the box with the room in which it will end up to make unpacking a breeze!

Portable bins are basically a storage container that is designed for portability. Oftentimes, they can be delivered to your home or stored at a facility. Facility storage usually is secured, which may be to your advantage if you have valuables stored inside the bin.

Portable bins have many uses, including storing excess furniture or house fixtures, holiday decorations, motorbikes, motorcycles, lawn mowers, tractors, furniture, antiques, and just about anything else you can think of. They also work great for homes that don't have enough space to store things, as well as for items you will not need for a while.

If a family member moves in, a storage bin would be a great place to store items that they do not need at the moment. They may have couches, chairs, dining room tables, kitchen devices, or several other items that are not needed since they moved in with you. It can be an inexpensive place to store everything until they get a place of their own. Aside from that, it can be a place to store everything as backup if staying with you for a long time.

Most bins have rolling doors with a lock or a place for a lock that adds some security to the bin. If you plan on storing items you use frequently, such as a mower, a bike, a tool chest, a workbench, or anything else you may use regularly; you may want a bin delivered to your residence.

If you are planning on storing items that will not be used regularly or have value, onsite storage bins would be best, especially since they are often in a secured facility. You may have your grandmother's dresser or perhaps a collection of historic memorabilia. Those items would probably be better on site than on your property.

No matter what you need to store, storage bins are great for anything. They remove clutter and usually can make things look better at home. They also come in various sizes for just about any needs. Aside from that, storage bins are usually available in weekly, monthly, and/or yearly options. In addition, they can be used temporarily for moving if desired.

Whether you’re getting ready for a move or just trying to make your house look just the way you want it, de-cluttering is important. Unfortunately, depending on the amount of clutter you have, getting started can be overwhelming.

Below, you will find some tips for getting the clutter under control. One thing to keep in mind as you work is to imagine how you want your house to look—it will help keep you motivated to keep working at it!

Tip #1: Get rid of things. The simplest way to de-clutter is to start getting rid of things. Some things you can throw away or donate without a thought; other things are going to be more difficult. Ask yourself these questions as you de-clutter:

  • Have I used this in the past 6 months?
  • Will I use this in the upcoming 6 months?
  • Why do I want to keep this?

Asking these questions will help you look at your items more clearly and make decisions more easily. For things that you want to keep but don’t need to have on hand, a storage company can keep your items safe but offsite, making your home less cluttered.

Tip #2: Use double-duty furniture. Everyone always needs more storage in their home, and one way to do this is to use furniture that doubles as storage. There are many furniture pieces now with hidden storage features, and you can also repurpose storage items into furniture. For instance:

  • Use a chest as a coffee table.
  • Use an ottoman or a bench that comes with storage underneath.
  • Use the space under your bed for storage.

Take advantage of the space you have to neatly store your things out of sight.

When you’re trying to sell your home, everything you do with your house matters, especially if you frequently have buyers coming through looking and considering your house.

One way to get your house ready for an open house—or any time you have buyers coming—is staging. Staging a home means arranging and decorating in a way that will appeal to buyers.

If you’re looking to sell your home and want to stage it, here are three tips to get you started:

De-clutter & De-personalize. Clutter is a given issue because it makes a house look dirtier than it may actually be. De-clutter by first weeding out the things you don’t need to keep, then storing the things you do want to keep but don’t need frequently in moving storage.

De-personalizing means removing things like family pictures. When a potential buyer looks at a house, they want to picture themselves in the house—hanging out in the living room, where their TV will go, and which rooms will go to which family members. Removing personal pictures allows buyers to more easily imagine themselves in the home.

For many homeowners and renters, it doesn’t seem like there’s ever enough room for everything you want to store. One solution is to use outside storage in a storage unit or through storage bins, but what about the things you want close at hand?

It takes a little bit of creativity, but sometimes you can find storage where you least expect it. The next time you’re looking for a way to give everything in your house a home, try one of these:

Hidden Storage. There are places in your home that can provide extra storage room, but you have to take advantage of it. One of the best places for this? Under your bed. There are many ways to make this work, from containers made specifically to go under your bed to free-moving drawers to just using your suitcases as storage and sliding them under your bed!

Taking advantage of overlooked, bare spaces like this can actually add up to a fair bit of storage space in your home!

When you’re getting ready to move, the expenses start adding up quickly. The more you can do to keep your costs down, the better—but where do you start? If you’re struggling to keep the cost down on your move, here are a few tips:

Work on your own schedule. Standard moving companies are going to work on their schedules—sometimes this is good for your bank account, and sometimes not! You can relieve some of your stress by moving yourself or using moving bins that are dropped off and picked up for you. You can control how quickly things get packed up and moved this way.

Only pack what you need. As you’re going through your things and packing, weed out the things you don’t want or need. Have you used that decorative platter in the past year? Do you ever picture yourself using it? If not, sell it or donate it. Packing and moving things you don’t need is just moving clutter from one home to the next, and you don’t want to do that!

Remodeling can be one of the most stressful things you do in your home. Often, your whole routine is turned upside down while contractors come in and out of your home all day—it’s no wonder so many people feel overwhelmed by remodeling and moving.

Make remodeling less stressful by deciding how you’re going to handle it before you ever get started. Here are some ideas to keep in mind from those who have experienced it first hand:

Get things out of the way. Clutter gets in the way of things anyway, throw remodeling on top of that, and it’s adding chaos to chaos. Get as much as possible out of the way in the area (and even beyond) that is going to be remodeled.

Declutter as usual, throwing away trash and things you don’t need. Then, take it a step further. Anything in the area that you don’t absolutely need, remove—don’t just relocate to another part of the house to clutter that area. You can do this with a portable storage bin or in a garage or attic, but whichever you choose, empty the room to be remodeled without taking over the rest of your house.

Communicate! One of the most important things you can do to help the remodeling process go well is to keep the lines of communication open with your contractors. The only way you can be sure that you are going to get exactly what you want from your remodel is to be in constant contact with them.

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