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If you are living in a small space or you’re downsizing, it is possible to make that space look bigger and much more ample. They normally say that the smaller space you have, the more organized you are. Below are some of the important tips you can do when maximizing storage space.

Get Rid Of Duplicates

When you have two or more of a similar thing, then it is probably taking much of space, which could have been used by other items. Some electronic items, kitchen appliances, furniture and other household items may perform the same job. Cast-off some of the items and try to utilize a multifunction one if possible.

Proper Furniture Arrangement

Furniture actually takes much of the rooms homes and offices. But with proper arrangement, you can still let your room have that classy look with all sorts of furniture while still having an ample space. For example, you can utilize the chest-of-drawers in your room to store items that fit in there.

Also, remember that the furniture provides storage options you’ve never thought of. You can store things such as toys, books, extra linens and many more items under your bed. You can find storage bins with the type and shape you want at any store, and for the best possible organization, companies like Got Bins in Columbus, Ohio , extend your storage options.

Being Slightly Innovative

People haven’t realized the space the walls hold. The walls in your room can provide great storage space for some items. For example, you can install hooks on your bedroom where you can hang your kids’ school bags and other things.. In your office, you can hang bulletins and assignments on the art wire and the bulletin boards to keep the desks and other spaces free from clutter.

Add Shelving To Your Room

Shelves actually provide a good and proper storage space. Maximizing storage space means ensuring that there is enough space to accommodate additional items you might introduce in future. Shelves provide this additional storage space. Whether at office or at home, proper shelving gets rid of clutter such as newspapers, toys, books etc.

Small office rooms, studio apartments, small homes and even dormitory rooms have limited space to accommodate all your items. Maximizing storage space is key in such rooms and the above tips can get your wheels rolling towards creating an ample space in your tiny room.

When you are moving, packing up can be the hardest part. If you have valuable collectibles that you want to bring with you, it's important to know how to box them up properly in order to keep them safe. Some people's valuables can be worth quite a bit of money in addition to their sentimental value to the owner.

Making sure that you know how to pack up your collectibles is the easiest way to ensure they arrive safely and unharmed. You may want to ship them or drive them over separately yourself to keep them from being bumped around or hire a moving company with the experience to carefully deliver your items.

Proper Ways To Pack Collectibles

Collect the following items:

  • An assortment of news paper or advertisement paper that you can easily crumple up and don't need.
  • Special rolls of bubble wrap that you have saved or are store bought.
  • Styrofoam packing peanuts.
  • Special moving boxes sized to the items you will be moving.
  • Thick and sturdy wide tape to move with. Packing not duct tape.

Steps to packing your collectibles:

  1. Sort out your collectibles and what you would like to pack first.
  2. Pick out boxes according to size and match one up to each item.
  3. Begin packing the boxes by wrapping each fragile collectible in the bubble wrap and taping it to secure it. You can also use newspaper for this for the less fragile items.
  4. Put some wadded up newspaper and a combination of packing peanuts at the bottom of the box to provide cushion and stability.
  5. Put the items in the box and them add the peanuts or the news paper in between them to cushion them.
  6. Put packing tape over the box to secure the item safely inside and you're ready to go!
  7. Mark the boxes with a marker to say caution and fragile to make sure they are safe.

If you want a more permanent location for storing collectibles safely, especially during a move, find a qualified storage and moving company like Got Bins in Columbus, Ohio.

Moving homes can be both exciting and highly stressful too, especially when one fails to plan. It is important that one channel that excitement into parking and transporting belongings. On the other hand, it might also help to allow a professional moving company do the parking and transporting for you. However, if you have to do the parking and moving yourself, here are a few helpful tips that will make it easier and stress free.

Being organized becomes easy if you plan on the move ahead of time, which essentially stops you from having to do it in a hurry. The first thing is to have a date when you will begin packing, which will bring some organizational sense and give you clear goals. When you begin parking, do it room by room. This will give you a sense of accomplishment when you finish with one room; the process is more organized and allows you to do the job more quickly. As you continue with the parking process, label each box, and have a checklist to cross off items as you finish.

Of course, as you begin parking you will find items that you would not like to take with you to the next house, and the process offers the perfect opportunity to get rid of them. When you get rid of old things, you instantly get the feeling of a fresh start and make room for new things. This is a critical part of the moving process, which also brings down the moving cost, makes it easier and quicker.

The other consideration to make is smart parking where you park the heavier items at the bottom of the box, and lighter ones at the top, similar to grocery packaging. Parking heavier items at the bottom means that you do not damage anything while on the move. Lastly, engage a local moving company to transport your goods, since this will be cheaper and faster, not forgetting that they work hard to maintain local customers which guarantees you a smooth moving process

The secret to hassle-free storage is to ensure everything is well-organized. Just because you stay away from your storage bin doesn’t mean that it should be disorganized. There are a number of ways to increase the space in your storage units in order to make the space truly worthwhile. Here are a few tips on how to organize your storage bin.

Arrange Items in Sets

Once you choose that items that you want to keep in your storage bin, you need to arrange the item in sets such as outdoor or seasonal. You may also want to classify the items into bedroom, kitchen, or bedroom categories. Some important things you need to keep in mind when arranging your items  includes the time you would like to remove them, how often you will want to remove them, and when you actually want particular items to remain in the storage bin. This will be helpful while organizing your storage bin, as the items you hardly require can be at the bottom of the bin or in the back of the storage units.

Label Your Items

Whether you pick plain plastic storage boxes or wooden cupboards, it is important to ensure all the items are labeled based on category. Make use of a cataloguing spreadsheet to ensure your labeling system is as clear as possible. While it looks like a challenging task, it can add convenience if you are able to get the items you need quickly and easily.

Shelving Is Highly Recommended

When it comes to storage units, it is important to consider shelving. Shelving can be a great way to maximize, your storage space. Shelves will be able to hold big boxes, paperwork, trophies, trinkets, and even boxes if you want. Installing plain shelves can be a cost-effective way to maximize your storage units to hold you valuable items.

Storage bins are an excellent way to maintain the cleanness of your home while ensuring your valuable items are safe and within reach. You can make the most of your storage bins by ensuring you are as organized as possible.

Looking for local professionals in storage and moving, like Got Bins in Columbus, Ohio, can also make a huge difference in the functionality of your storage system. 

Moving your home office can be a rather hard task especially for those moving into a new household. There so many things to consider and it becomes tough to keep it straight. When moving, households become the most disorganized place and the lack of order becomes quite stressing. However, today I am going to share several tips to ensure that you move your home office in an orderly neat manner.

The first thing you should do is get the home office organized. Start by sorting your files, keep them in the file cabinets and ensure they are assessed be it financial, personal or business papers. Get rid of papers that have no relevance, that is the bills and statements that are over 3 years old. After sorting what goes and what stays, store all the files in a box and label it. Remember to empty your desk drawers, if you have an idea of how your new office will look like, then you can decide whether your desk goes or stays. Also move with only the equipment that works for you.

Have the proper packaging of your equipment like computers to ensure they arrive as intact as they left. In moving computers take the precautions of getting insurance, backing up all your data in a DVD, flash disk or a hard drive depending on the data size. Dismantle the computer and pack it in the box it came with. Seal the box to ensure that the PC parts do not shift during the journey.

When it comes to moving furniture, extra care should be taken because they cannot be simply packed into a box. Disassemble furniture parts that are removable, that is table legs and glass tops, keep the nuts packed in a plastic bag. Store the parts in plastic bags and do not forget to mark where each piece belongs. Fragile equipment like lamps should be wrapped with bubble wrap, taped and secured in tall boxes which should be then sealed. Also pictures and frames should be packed in a similar manner to prevent them from breaking.

With these few tips, shifting your home office should be easy, additionally if you do not have a car the methods will save on shipping charges because in the end, the packing methods save on space. Also consider a portable storage unit that offer shipment on reasonable prices. All this should have you a smooth sailing to your new home office.

Packing may sometimes seem as an art form or ancient mystic knowledge. Those who do it well make packing seem effortless, while those who don’t seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. But packing doesn’t have to be a headache if you have the right approach.

Don’t worry. There are no secret tricks and complicated advice to successful packing. In fact, there is only one crucial thing to have in mind: weed out as much as you can before packing. The success of the process lies in your ability to set out what is important and what isn’t. Of course, this does not mean you won’t find potential problems.

First is sentimentality. We are surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds different objects. They range from really big to those that can fit in your smallest pocket. The nature of life is that we tend to connect different memories and emotions with these objects. An old key chain can remind you of a friend that moved away when you were young. An ugly picture frame can be a good way to remember a long forgotten holiday. Everything has some sentimental value if you look for it hard enough. Your task is to decide what is really important, and what can be weeded out.

Other people may also make packing difficult. When you aren’t the only person involved in the process of packing, things may demand a degree of flexibility, and more importantly, constant communication. If every person, including you, decides to keep quiet and pack away, you will soon hit a bump. So, instead of working in silence, talk and discuss what and how is to be packed. Like all group efforts, packing requires teamwork.

In the end, keep in mind that packing isn’t an art form, but a skill that is gradually learned. If you steadily weed out as much as you can before packing, this kind of situation will soon become a regular task that you start and finish without a headache.

There is an old proverb from Europe’s Balkan region that goes, loosely translated: those who have to move are not merry. Many of us had the misfortune to discover similar feelings when we had to move ourselves. Moving from one place of residence to the next can often be a logistical nightmare for you and anyone who is helping in any way. Other times, problems seem like an unending chain, and that one afternoon of work you hope for turns into a whole week. Both scenarios are completely avoidable, so here are thing you should do before you move in.

Get to Know the Space.

Accustom yourself with the space you are moving into. Learn the floor layout as objectively as you can. This isn’t the time to think about the things you don’t particularly like or want to change. If you didn’t do it before, there is no use eating yourself up just before moving in. Making alterations and simultaneously moving in is not the way to go, and there will be plenty time to think about changes once you start living there. For now, understand your new residence and start to plan the exact way you will move into it.

Plan Ahead.

Formulate a solid plan and stick to it. Include other who are involved, and those who will only help you on the moving day itself. A lot of people running around, carrying stuff and bumping into each other won’t do much good. If it is needed, organize and delegate different jobs days before. Give clear roles and duties to everybody involved, but of course, don’t get bossy or overbearing. Getting to know the space and planning on the way you will fill it with your belongings is essential.

Select Carefully.

Moving is an excellent opportunity to throw stuff away. Whatever is not needed can be disposed of, and this is the most elegant way to do it. Give it away to friends or family members or just put it in the trash, it doesn’t make much difference to your new residence, as long as you get rid of it. If you pack up everything, you will just lose money, time and effort in transporting future garbage.

Follow these advices and the day you move in can be a happy occasion, and not torment for all involved. Explore, plan and select before you move in, and enjoy your new home.

Moving is an activity that can be very stressful, especially if you are not well-prepared. Before packing any of your belongings, it is important to know the moving and packing supplies that you will need for a smooth move. While there are many other things that are necessary when moving, having these supplies before you start anything will ensure you have as stress-free moving.

Some of the moving and packing supplies that you will need include; moving boxes, bubble wraps, moving blankets and tape. The tape will be useful in re-enforcing your boxes. Even if you already have assembled boxes, re-enforcement is important as it will ensure all your valuables are not crashed during movement.

Having a few moving blankets will help you protect the surface of the too large to box belongings such as mattresses and dressers. The bubble wrap is a good replacement of the old-fashioned way of protecting the breakables with newspaper. It is a much safer way to ensure even your highly delicate objects are moved safely.

Moving boxes are quite common but you need to ensure you have different sizes. You can easily purchase theses boxes from your local moving-trailer or another rental transport establishment. If not you can go to your local grocery or department store and gather the used boxes. However, you will need to make prior arrangement as most of them usually discard the boxes as soon as they unpack the new goods.

In general, moving consumes a lot of time, exhausts and frustrates you. However, when you know the moving and packing supplies you will need for a smooth move, then moving will be easy. With the right packing supplies, everyone involved in the moving process finds it less stressful. You need to start preparing early enough for your moving to be smooth and enjoyable. With a prior knowledge of the necessary packing supplies you will need for a smooth move, you will not have any worries for property damage.

You can be a pro at moving out to a new place by knowing how to pack up your home in 10 steps.

1. Get to Action Early: Plan a month ahead on packing up your stuff; do not wait for the last moment. Try to tackle storage areas like garage, basement, and loft spaces initially to save time later. Once you move a mountain, reaching a stone is easy.

2. Launch Garage Sale: Try to sell of things that you would not require anymore. A garage sale is a good way to get rid of things in a profitable way, Hence, lesser load to pack whole moving out.

3. Heavy Items at First: Stowing light-weight items are not difficult, as compared to large and heavy objects like furniture, electronics etc. Hence, pack them away carefully, keeping in mind to make 'unloading' hassle free.

4. Draw a Checklist: Prepare a list of 'to-dos', and organize packing up further. This way, you will be able to prioritize the tasks. Perhaps, you can start by noting, which spaces require cleaning, which items should be labeled 'fragile', 'unbreakable' etc., rather than thinking about it at last moment.

5. Pack on a Holiday: Nobody wants to mess up with work hours, or get confused with 'I have to take out time packing up'. Hence, start out early and plan such activities on weekends or at spare time.

6. Avoid Injuries: If you have elders and children around, schedule packing up task when they are not around. Cover house floor with smooth mats, wear protective gloves, face masks, etc. so that you do not injure yourself while doing the needful.

7. Sort out Bills: You do not want to wander back again to pay leftover bills, or settle any money matter with neighbors after moving out. Hence, resolve such matters before moving out.

8. Choosing Right Packing Material: For electronics and fragile items, select hardbound cardboard or wooden boxes. Make sure, you wrap such items prior in safety cloth devoid moisture content. Yes, do label each box.

9. Fix a Move out Date: As planning on packing up is important, so is fixing a move out date. It will help you to decide and plan on packing up arrangements.

10. Decide on Transport Mode: Do you have your own car, vehicle to journey? If not, make arrangements by calling in professional movers and packers, or ask a friend, family member to help out, in advance.

The above-mentioned 10 steps will definitely help you ease at packing up your home.

Driving thorough your suburban neighborhood, you would easily find a portable storage container set up right in front of houses and also at the end of various driveways. More and more people have realized on the convenience, inexpensive and easy use of these storage units, they can be simply used for a variety of applications. Users greatly enjoy renting them for construction and remodeling projects, they also simply store extra belongings until there is an extra room.

However, if your living situation does not give enough space for using the container what should you do? Luckily, having a townhouse, an apartment, condominium or any other living arrangement does not necessarily have to prevent you from being able to use the container. Many people would prefer to use the portable unit over having to take things back and forth from a storage facility; this is because all they need is simply to have the unit dropped then carries their belongings and furniture out for storage. This will save you from the trouble of loading up a van, then drive it across town to a storage facility then unload it again.. 

Most storage companies have dedicated various facilities that can be used for holding filled portable storage units. This means that it would be easy to have one dropped to your home within a short period of time. Most of these containers are also designed like metal sheds that hold furniture that is up to a half room without taking a lot of outer space. 

People that don’t have yards prefer having them dropped off, then spend a day or two to move their belongings to the storage container, they later arrange for the storage company to haul the container away for storage at their own facility. While you may think that it is not convenient to have the container away from you, it still would help a lot to avoid the hassle and expense of looking for a storage space and a separate moving van. It will also help you save on various costs such as paying movers and hassles of having to pack, unpack, haul or repack everything. With these special containers, once it is at the storage unit the goods are no longer stressful. 

Portable storage containers would offer an extraordinary level of convenience for people that are moving, renovating their living homes or simply have more furniture than what their homes can hold.

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