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4997-101413-gs4997Rust can be a nightmare for many of us, especially if you have left your tools in the garage for the last few weeks. You suddenly wanted to use them recently and you noticed that they started rusting. The unsightly orange-brown mess accumulating on metal is not only unattractive, but at the same time it can erode your belongings, prompting you to get new ones. The good news is that there are many ways to protect your belongings from rust as discussed below.


If you have many small steel items and you want to make sure they're never going to rust, then bluing them is the best way to make that happen. Keep in mind that this is a technique which is only going to offer limited protection. To successfully apply it on your desired objects, you need to use water displacing oil and rub it onto blued steel.

Using Rust Prevention Products

If you want to protect the rusting of your tools or even that of your car, it's recommended that you invest in rust prevention products as soon as possible. While some of these products are applied as liquids and gels, some of them may also be available in an aerosol can. Just do a bit of research to find out which of them may be the best for your needs.

If you have a lot of tools you want to store safely without having to worry about them rusting, then storage bin rentalsare the best way to go about this. These services maintain a specific temperature and air humidity so you don't ever have to worry about your tools rusting no matter how long you decide to store them for. However, it must be a bin that is humid resistant and weatherproof, like the ones at Bins LLC in Columbus, OH.

Metal Coating

If you can manage isolating the metal from the rest of the environment, such as with the paint for instance, you'll successfully be able to prevent it from rusting. When it comes to larger structures, the process may require the use of wax based products which are going to be injected into the specific sections of objects that are susceptible to rusting.

5309 101413 gs5309When you’re planning a big move, or you need to send a Christmas gift to your mom in another state, it’s important to know how to properly pack your items to ensure that they arrive at their destination securely. Bubble wrap and foam are the most popular materials used for packing; this is because they provide excellent protection to fragile items of all shapes and sizes. Many children and adults alike have probably had fun a time or two popping the bubble wrap after they’ve opened their packages. We know which material is more fun to play with, but which is better at protecting goods during transportation?

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap offers the best cushioning for fragile items. This is because the air bubbles keep the items secure and suspended while they are being transported. Bubble wrap comes in different sizes and—contrary to what most people think—it can also be used to cushion heavier items. Heavy duty bubble wrap is available and can be used to cushion heavy machine parts. The durability of bubble wrap makes it ideal for lengthy shipping or when shipping in extreme conditions.


Foam is also excellent when it comes to cushioning fragile items. Foam is thinner than bubble wrap, meaning you can fit more items in a box. Having more items in the box ensures that there is a close fit. Foam is especially useful when transporting items that require thermal insulation, such as electronics, because it is a very poor conductor of electricity.

Both bubble wrap and foam will protect fragile items and are equally effect for shipping. Therefore, the choice to use bubble wrap or foam is a personal preference and may depend on the number of items you plan to ship. Regardless of which you choose; it is important that the wrap or foam is well placed so that the items are well cushioned. Bins, located in Columbus Ohio, can provide all of your shipping and moving material and answer any additional questions you may have.

gskm-042114-cardboard-549For people or company owners looking to take care of space-related quandaries, there are affordable alternatives to counter the demand for space in tight places. Mobile storage, mobile office and mobile storage and office combo leases are space-saving options that may end up being rewarding for your residence or company. Learn how to maximize the space in the bin you choose. Here are some suggestions.

Mobile Storage Leases

For company owners, mobile storage containers can help perform the job of conventional self-storage units, together with the ease of having it in one place and costs less. Company owners and even home owners with open space at/near the building or house should think about a storage container lease that has the right shape and size, is exceptionally protected, and may also protect the things inside it from extreme weather conditions. These storage units don't incur a property tax fee, and usually don't have shortened bill cycles or liability waiver fees.

Be Creative with Open Spaces

Do not let empty walls or open spaces intimidate you. Set movable cupboards and shelving units against walls in your leased bin to take advantage of open space. Add over-the-door shoe and hooks holders to corral the little things.

If you need to rent a storage bin, visit Got Bins in Columbus, OH to set up delivery and get your storage needs going. You will have a company that doesn’t leave because they can’t drop the bin with their equipment, like other companies have done to their customers. However, be sure that you have a good spot chosen with plenty of room and strong ground. The ground strength is debatable since it depends on the type and size of bin you choose, but it is recommended that the ground be pretty stable and strong. Asphalt and concrete surfaces are best, but soiled ground can work too.

4272-101413-gs4272When choosing your rental bins, it is very important that you get the right size bin rental for certain uses. This is because there are many sizes and if you choose the wrong one, it may not effectively fulfill your needs. Got Bins in Columbus, OH carries a wide variety of sizes to cover just about any storage need, such as moving and portable storage. However, the various purposes that ALL bins in general serve include:

  • Moving bins
  • Storage bins
  • Garbage bins
  • Portable bins
  • Dumpster rentals

Before you choose the bin that you will use, there are a couple of things that you need to look at which will help you make an informed decision.


This is one of the most important things that you need to look at when assessing anything. The prices of the bins will vary depending on their use. Storage bins are usually much cheaper than garbage bins and the bigger the rental bin the more expensive it is likely to be. You should also remember that you get what you pay for and if the bins are too cheap, they probably won't last long.

Type of Waste

If you are going to rent garbage bins then it is important to consider what type of waste it is that you expect to keep there. Household waste is not the same as construction material waste and using the same types of bins to handle both may not be the best idea. Construction waste is heavier and it therefore needs bins that are much stronger.

Amount of Materials/Waste

The bin that you are renting is going to be used for storing your items or for storing garbage. The size of the bin will therefore depend on the amount of material that you think will be kept inside there. If at home you do not produce a lot of kitchen waste, then there may be no need for you to have huge garbage bins since they will not be fully utilized.

2132-1013-A2174-1Because the items you’ve stored in your rented storage bin are great valuables, you need a proper locking system. You want a reliable, sturdy, and durable lock that will keep burglars and thieves away who can potentially vandalize or steal your property. Most people use either padlocks or combination of locks to guard their properties. There are various factors you may have to consider before going for particular types of locks. Some these factors are described below.


The safety status of the rented storage bin determines the type of lock you’re going to choose. Avoid renting one for areas with high levels of theft and other security related issues. Nevertheless, no matter the security level of the area, good locks should be able to protect your property.

Quality of Lock

If the lock is outside, its lifespan will be reduced due to weather elements. In such cases, it is recommended that you purchase locks made of stainless steel or brass because they can withstand notorious weather elements. Stainless steel locks are tougher and harder to cut making them the most secure locks to be used outside.

The Kind of Stored Items

The value of your property in the storage determines the type of locks you’re going to choose. Of course, they are valuables, such as classic cars or antiques, since you’ve decided to rent additional storage for them. In this case, you’ll have to choose the best locks. Though they might be expensive, they are worth the price.

The Place Where the Lock Will be attached

Before choosing any particular lock for your rented storage bin, inspect the door to check if the clasp to attach your lock is firm and robust enough to resist vandalism. In case there are any defects, you can inform your renter to correct it, otherwise choose another bin. Different types of clasps allow specific types of locks to be used with them.

Choosing the right lock for your rental storage bin will definitely help protect your valuables from theft. Got Bins in Columbus, OH carries bin rentals designed to hold reliable locks. Regardless, pay attention to the above tips and your lock should be able to keep your valuables safe.

forklift operator-92313-348When you’re using storage bins or a storage unit, what you decide to put into storage is important, and so is how you choose to pack it. If you’re looking at temporarily storing items while moving or cleaning, or if you’re looking for something long-term, here are some suggestions on what—and how—to pack your belongings.

Appliances & Furniture

Furniture and appliances are some of the most commonly stored items. Because of their size, usefulness, and cost, homeowners are generally reluctant to just get rid of them, instead choosing to store them or sell them.

Storing furniture is straightforward, but for softer fabrics, it’s not a bad idea to wrap them in plastic just to retain the freshness of the material.

When it comes to appliances, cleanliness is the most important part of storage. Clean your appliances well inside and out and dry them thoroughly before storing them.

Clothing & Toys

Clothes and toys are right there with appliances and furniture in popular items to store, and it’s no wonder—whether you’re switching out seasonal clothes or holding onto certain items for sentimental value, storing the clothes and toys you aren’t using can open up a lot of space in your home.

The best way to store clothes and plush toys is in airtight containers, large plastic containers with lids or, if you have the option, vacuum sealed bags are both good choices.


If you have collectibles that you need to keep safe, storage is a great place for them, but make sure that you package any unpackaged collectibles. Also, wrap anything that’s likely to break, and as much as possible, back the items away in plastic bins.

If you need help with more storage ideas, Got Bins knows everything there is to know!

834-101413-gs0834When you’re leaving your home, and especially if you’re going a good distance away, there are a ton of considerations, and not the least of these include what to do with all of your belongings.

While you won’t be able to just snap your fingers and have it all done, there are some tips you can follow to make the move easier, from the moving company you choose to how you pack your things!

Downsize. The first thing you can do to make your move easier is to reduce some of the items that need to be moved. As you start to pack, really evaluate how much of what you have needs to go with you and how much you can do without.

Then, toss, donate, or sell the items you don’t need to take with you. Doing this as much as possible will make what you actually bring considerably easier to handle.

Make a To-Do List. It sounds elementary, but when it comes to something that requires this much multi-tasking, it’s invaluable. Write down everything you need to do for the move on your list, no matter how small, and then cross it off as you go.

It will help keep you organized and focused, and you’ll be less likely to forget something, even in the chaos of the move itself.

Pack with the Destination in Mind. As you pack, try to keep things that belong in the same room together. Keep kitchen stuff in its own set of boxes, living room items in their own set, and have a set for each bedroom.

Clearly mark the boxes using a permanent marker explaining which room they go into. It might seem like a little bit of hassle now, but once you get to your new home, you will be amazed at how much this simple step can expedite unpacking!

Whether you need to move or just need to store for a while as you get things in your home the way you want them, Got Bins has you covered.

268-101413-gs0268It’s very easy for your garage to get filled up with items that you don’t use such as worn out car parts, faulty gardening tools—the list is endless. In some cases, organizing your garage will make a huge difference, but if you find that you have too many things, you might need to look into storage bins.

Here are some tips on how to store such items in a way that keeps your garage looking neat and tidy:

Plastic Containers: No need to go hunting for a specific nail or screw. You can sort them out and store them in plastic containers that you no longer use. Be sure to correctly label each container to save time. Note that nails can hurt your feet if you happen to step on them so it’s wise to sort them out on a polythene paper so that you do not leave any unattended. More importantly, recycling these containers will prevent environmental pollution.

Overhead Storage Containers: To implement this idea, you will need to invest in several wood planks with special bottom flanges for holding overhead storage containers. The best are made from very strong plastic material that can withstand extreme weight without bulging or breaking apart. To access the containers, you might have to use a ladder, so only put items in them you don’t intend to use often.

Cabinetry: This basically refers to cabinets which are specifically designed for garages. You can use them to store all sorts of items such as hammers, screwdrivers, nails, filters and cleaning appliances. Go for one that has a locking system to keep all your items safe.

Tool Board: As the name suggests, this is a special board that can be used to hold various tools. If you decide to travel down this road, have it installed right above your work bench to easily access the tools when need arises. Nowadays, there are special workbenches which have a set of drawers for storing small items such as screws.

Finally, invest in quality bicycle hangers for storing bicycles to create additional floor space for other items such as waste bins.

If you find yourself running short on storage space, Got Bins can provide a safe space for you to hold onto the things you don’t use to make room in your garage for the things you do need!

If you own apartment complexes, condos, or even just have a home without much gap for utility bins, you can still enjoy the benefits of storage from Bins®, LLC. Out of all the choices in bins that we have available, we carry our exclusive, unique styled bins that do not require as much space in between them as other companies need. You can enjoy having several of them in tight spaces. The other companies need about four feet in between each and every bin. Our exclusive bins only require inches in between each and every single one. Imagine what this can do to also save space, even if you do have plenty of room.

Smaller Space Advantages

Their unique design allows these bins to be extremely close together, while still providing full functionality. It’s amazing what can be done when you design the right kind of storage units for anyone’s needs. These bins work great for commercial storage, residential storage, utility storage, and many other great uses.

Residential Uses

For residential purposes, you can use these units for storing lawn equipment, unused items, collectibles, family items, automotive products, and a whole lot more. They will work great for just about anything. Place some self-standing shelves in there and make a lot of room to work with or make it easier to get what you want when you want it. These units will not take up as much room in your yard or driveway and will provide an easy way to get to things when you need them!

Commercial Uses

For commercial users, these bins work great for overstock items, seasonal items, office paperwork, commercial tools, landscape equipment, and much more. Enjoy affordable packages designed to give you the freedom to use for as long as you like. Because these bins can be so close together, it can save space for other uses, especially if they need to be in a parking lot!

In conclusion, these storage bins are affordable and allow less space to be used, while still providing the same purposes as other types of storage bins.


Bedrooms are for relaxing and sleeping, but whether you have a small awkward space or a large minimalist one, you can be easily overwhelmed with clothes, laundry, make-up, and a general mess that makes it impossible to relax. Fortunately, you can organize your room, store clutter, and turn your room into a peaceful and relaxing space with a little effort, some storage bins, and the following tips:.

Store items under the bed.  

A king-size bed consumes 42 square feet of space, but you can make use of that space by using under-bed containers to hold off-season clothing. You can save plenty of space by simply flipping seasons, and storing luggage, gear bags, and backpacks in storage bins that roll in and out, or in siding drawer units that can fit under beds.

Optimize the closet.

Many people rush to purchase bulky dressers or armoires before maximizing on their closet space. The best way to make the most use of your closet hanging space is by analyzing the items that need to be placed there. For instance, you can compare how much space is needed for dresses and suits compared to shirts and jackets in order to determine how much full-length vertical space is required under the rod for hanging longer items.

If most clothes hang for less than 3 feet, you can add another hanging rod about 40 inches above the floor to double the items you can hang in that closet. Drawers and shelf units can be added to store items that do not hang well, but professionals suggest that their use should be restricted to a maximum of 5 drawers per person.

Think vertically.

If your home has high ceilings, you can install deep shelves in your bedroom, high above your head, to store things that are seldom used, like luggage and off season clothes packed in boxes. If there is limited space around the bed, you can use a headboard with cabinets to hold books, glasses, and lamps. You should also consider buying tall, narrow armoires, dressers, and corner cabinets to extend your storage space.

If you find yourself overrun with too many things you want to keep but are overwhelming your bedroom, Got Bins provides storage in safe, clean bins, keeping all of your items in great shape until you find space for them!

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