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To Store or Not To Store: A Guide for Downsizing

7954-101413-gs7954Whether you're moving or just feel you have too much clutter in your life, there are always advantages to downsizing. You can get rid of the extra things you have. Donate to charity and help someone, and clear up the extra stuff you have in your life that you really don't need. It isn't necessary to become a hoarder, and it's that much more difficult to tote around everything you own, every move you make. So check out these tips for downsizing and see what you should store and what you shouldn't.


  • Important Memories. Anything sentimental or important from your past, hold onto. It's not worth getting rid of.
  • Anything you can't replace. From emotional objects to things that you will never be able to find or replace again, some things are worth hanging onto and can't be downsized. Realize what you value and what you don't for successful sorting.

For Those items you can't get rid of but are out of space, call Got Bins in Columbus for storage solutions.

Don't Store:

  • Clothing you no longer need. If it doesn't fit, if it's ugly, if it's stained, if it's painfully obvious it came from a specific decade, you absolutely must donate it. You don't need it anymore, and it'll just prevent you from looking your best. Donate it!
  • Anything that's junk. If it's useless, if it's tech parts, if it's just pieces of things that don't seem to have a place, see what you can do to get rid of them and no longer have to deal with these useless parts.
  • If it's broken, you have to toss it. Anything that is ripped, chipped, broken, worn, or stained, unless you can make it like new or re-purpose it, has to go. It's just taking up space in your life.

When it comes to what you want to store, the decision making process can be difficult and tedious. Get rid of the maybe pile and force yourself to work with yes or no. If you can't bring yourself to put it in the no pile, it's a yes. Hold on to what you need and get rid of what you don't for a successful downsizing. When in doubt, get an outside opinion. At the end, be proud of the fact that you have made your life simpler, less cluttered, and more rich.

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