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Is There Anything That Can't Be Stored In A Bin?

wheely bin colourWhen it comes to storage, sorting through and deciding which of your things to put away is the tough part. It can be really difficult to decide what you want to keep for your home and what you to place into storage. There are a lot of things that can be stored, and this begs the question of what you can or can't store in a bin. These versatile carriers which are provided by businesses, such as Got Bins in Columbus, help you rest easier knowing that your things are safe and sound. So what can't you store in a bin? The answer may surprise you.

Bins are capable of carrying most any item inside and protecting it well. Here are some things you can't store in a bin.

  • Perishable food
  • Buckets of water
  • Your pet
  • Fireworks (although you would probably be fine, it's slightly dangerous)

Things You Can Store In a Bin

You actually can store quite a few things in a bin. Here is a sampling of the many things that you may feel like storing when the time comes. They include

  • Photo albums
  • Old chests
  • Classic vinyl records as well as a vinyl player
  • Old stuffed animals
  • Paperwork and other documents
  • Boxes full of mementos and things to remember
  • Old posters that you can't bring yourself to throw away
  • DVDS and other movie memorabilia
  • A cardboard cutout of Elvis
  • Your favorite mugs, all boxed up
  • Clothing that you can't bear to part with
  • Your collection of high top Converse shoes
  • Vases you want to save
  • Picture frames
  • Your high school degree
  • Mismatched buttons
  • A small desk
  • Furniture
  • An old rotary phone that still works

As you can see, the limits when it comes to what you can store in your bins are endless. Regardless of what you want to store, these secure, water proof containers will protect them tirelessly. Just make sure you don't put any fruit in there! That's best kept for eating. Although a bin can keep it safe and secure, it's safe to say that time will not.

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