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How Long Can Items Be Stored In a Bin?

2467 101413 gs2467Storage bins are usually an ideal way to store your personal belongings in a convenient way. They can be made mobile to make it easy for users to move them from place to place. The bins are usually raised some distance the ground to ensure all belongings inside remain safe. Most bins are large enough with the capability to hold up to 8000 lbs. of load. This makes the bins very effective in storing most of the home items that occupy much space. However, users may be worried how safe their items are if they have to stay in the bins for longer periods.

How Long Can Items Remain in the Bins Safely?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners who keep their valuables in storage bin rentals. Can the items be affected due to heat, bed bugs or bad weather conditions? The storage periods usually vary depending on the type of items stored and the design of the bins. However, these bins can generally store items for years without any damage as long as they are properly raised above the ground and sealed well.

Homeowners should understand the most portable bins are aimed at moving items to new locations. However, they can also be used effectively to store some items for long periods without damage.

Factors Affecting Storage Time


How your items are packed into the storage bins will greatly impact the time the items can remain safely in your bin. It is essential to properly wrap your items in plastic bags before storing them in the bins.

Type of items stored:

The type of items stored will also determine the storage time. Some items are more perishable while others can stay for longer periods. Perishable items need to be stored near the door for easy removal once users arrive at the new location.

How Items are packed in the Bins

Homeowners need to take their time and properly pack their items well to avoid cases of breakages. Items well organized will stay for years, unlike those just bundled over.

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