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2467 101413 gs2467Storage bins are usually an ideal way to store your personal belongings in a convenient way. They can be made mobile to make it easy for users to move them from place to place. The bins are usually raised some distance the ground to ensure all belongings inside remain safe. Most bins are large enough with the capability to hold up to 8000 lbs. of load. This makes the bins very effective in storing most of the home items that occupy much space. However, users may be worried how safe their items are if they have to stay in the bins for longer periods.

How Long Can Items Remain in the Bins Safely?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners who keep their valuables in storage bin rentals. Can the items be affected due to heat, bed bugs or bad weather conditions? The storage periods usually vary depending on the type of items stored and the design of the bins. However, these bins can generally store items for years without any damage as long as they are properly raised above the ground and sealed well.

Homeowners should understand the most portable bins are aimed at moving items to new locations. However, they can also be used effectively to store some items for long periods without damage.

Factors Affecting Storage Time


How your items are packed into the storage bins will greatly impact the time the items can remain safely in your bin. It is essential to properly wrap your items in plastic bags before storing them in the bins.

Type of items stored:

The type of items stored will also determine the storage time. Some items are more perishable while others can stay for longer periods. Perishable items need to be stored near the door for easy removal once users arrive at the new location.

How Items are packed in the Bins

Homeowners need to take their time and properly pack their items well to avoid cases of breakages. Items well organized will stay for years, unlike those just bundled over.

If you need a portable storage bin rental, contact Got Bins in Columbus, Ohio.

4064 101413 gs4064When storing your household items, it is important to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. If you begin to notice either of these appearing, you will need to act quickly to make sure that it doesn’t spread or cause irreparable damages to your belongings. Because mold and mildew thrive in dark, moist environments, storage units and basements are the perfect environment for growth. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent mold and mildew from damaging your things

Use Metal or Plastic Cabinets

Depending on what you are storing, it is recommended that you rent a storage bin. Wooden shelves are not recommended for use in your bin; wood has a tendency to absorb and retain moisture. Alternatively, metal and plastic bins are impervious to moisture so you can rest assured knowing that your shelves will not develop mold or mildew.

Proper Ventilation is Key

No matter what you are storing in your bin rental, proper ventilation is crucial. Without proper ventilation, humidity levels begin to rise while mold and mildew have a chance to grow. Keep in mind that if you want to store clothing, it is recommended that you wash and dry them thoroughly before doing so to inhibit growth on damp or dirty clothing.

Use a Mildew Inhibitor

You can easily prevent mold and mildew growth by using a mildew inhibitor. In short, these are chemicals that help prevent the formation of mold, especially if you plan on storing items that are prone—leather, for example. You can find these chemicals at most home improvement stores.

Bins, located in Columbus, Ohio, offers quality storage bins at affordable prices. Their friendly staff is ready to help you store all of your belongings and answer any questions you may have. If you follow these simple steps, you can store your items knowing they are safe from mold and mildew.

2632 1013 B0063If you are planning on opening a retail store, or you currently operate one, it is a good idea to have a safe and secure place to store your merchandise. Storage bins can be easily used in warehouses, ensuring your products remain organized and in pristine condition. To avoid unnecessary costs, it is important to use the appropriate sized storage bins that will be able to accommodate all of your goods. Rearranging the products efficiently in the storage bin will also save you money by utilizing the space well. Here are the practical uses and advantages to renting a storage bin for your retail company:

A storage bin will allow you to access products easily

Retail stores can, and often do, receive high volumes of orders in waves and it can be overwhelming. If you store your items collectively in a storage bin that is located nearby, you will be able to access your merchandise and update your inventory much easier. Otherwise, you may need to contact or travel directly to the manufacturer to access the goods or check inventory.

Bins are a clean, safe, and secure storage choice

Storage bins offer a safe and secure place to store your goods. They are equipped with locking mechanisms to avoid forced or unwanted entry. Some storage bins are specifically made to handle delicate items, making them ideal for fragile merchandise. BINS, located in Columbus, Ohio, offers storage bins that are made of weatherproof,  recycled materials, which make them clean, sturdy, and resistant to mold, mildew, and pests. They also use an innovative and unique robotic arm lift system—the safest and gentles in the world, and offer content insurance.

When operating a retail store—or any business—it is important to keep your merchandise safe, secure, free of mold, easily accessible, and to keep your stock inventory updated. Storage bins are the best option to ensure the safety of your merchandise.

3081 101413 gs3081Homeowners generally have many belongings that will, at some point or another, require storage. Maybe the Christmas decorations that you only pull out once a year, or the extra baby toys that your child has outgrown but you aren’t ready to toss, or the huge pile of clothes you’ve been waiting to reuse or give to Goodwill. When storing your belongings, organization is a top priority. It is important that these things are easily accessible when you are ready to use them to ensure that you aren’t searching through piles of clothes for the Christmas ornaments, or searching through Halloween decorations to find the newborn clothes for your new baby. Having sturdy storage containers to house your belongings, especially valuables, is highly recommended and is much more cost efficient than renting large storage lockers. You have a few different options when choosing how to store your belongings.

The most practical, economical, and reliable storage ideas that can easily be found in most stores include:

  • Plastic boxes
  • Metal safes
  • Storage bin rentals

Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes are available in many different sizes and are a great tool for organization because you do not have to open the lid to see what’s inside. They are waterproof, more lightweight, and less expensive than wood or metal boxes, making them easier to transport.  You can find boxes designed with coasters or rollers so that they can be moved from one room to another with little to no effort. You can also find durable plastic boxes equipped with a combination code for added security.

Metal safes

Metal safes are durable, fireproof, and waterproof, making them an ideal and safe place to store money, important documents, and jewelry. They can be bulky, conspicuous, and can be very expensive. Metal safes are generally used for storing smaller items; larger, more expensive items—especially those that need climate control, such as paintings or textiles—would benefit from being stored in a bank vault.

Storage bin rentals

Unlike lockers and metal safes, storage bins are just the right size for storing valuables that need to be protected from outside elements, especially fire and water. Compared to regular storage lockers, these bins are secure, inexpensive, smaller, and mobile, making them the perfect choice for those who are planning to relocate. They are also suitable for long-term storage since they can be stored in a storage facility if you do not have enough space in your home. BINS, located in Columbus, Ohio, offers storage bins that are made of 100% recycled materials and are specifically designed to be mold resistant, making them ideal for storing important items such as heirlooms, clothing, and other items with sentimental value, especially over long periods of time.

599 101413 gs0599Relocation is not always easy, but oftentimes it’s necessary. Whether it’s for a new job opportunity, a bigger home, or to be closer to family, you will probably relocate at least once, if not many times, in your lifetime. If you haven’t moved many times already, and you aren’t a professional mover, relocation can seem stressful—but rest assured, it is an art that can be mastered. Here are the things you need to know, and make sure you don’t forget, before planning your next move.

Storage Bins

Storage bins are a must if you want to plan a successful moving trip. They are a safe and secure place to store your belongings. BINS, located in Columbus, Ohio provide storage bins at affordable prices. When comparing BINS to PODS, we recommend BINS because their high-quality bins (made of recycled materials) keep rain and bad weather out, and are specifically designed to be mold resistant. They can also be ordered in three different sizes to fit your specific needs.

Utility Knife

A utility knife is one of the most important tools because you will need it to unload your bin when you reach your destination. Some items must be tied up inside the bin and the ties will need to be cut. The knife may also be used to create holes for items that need ventilation.


Boxes seem obvious, but they are vital and worth noting. It is especially helpful to have different sized boxes to load larger and smaller items separately. The more organized you pack your boxes, the easier they will be to unpack. You can save yourself a lot of time by properly packing your boxes in the appropriate sizes.


Totes are convenient for packing smaller items in your storage bin. They occupy very little space and are able to hold a large number of items. A good combination of boxes and totes will allow you to sufficiently use up all of the available space in your storage bin.

Don’t let your next relocation be an overwhelming experience. You can save yourself time and money by renting storage bins from BINS, making sure you have these vital supplies, using the appropriate sized boxes and totes, and maximizing the space of your bin. 

wheely bin colourWhen it comes to storage, sorting through and deciding which of your things to put away is the tough part. It can be really difficult to decide what you want to keep for your home and what you to place into storage. There are a lot of things that can be stored, and this begs the question of what you can or can't store in a bin. These versatile carriers which are provided by businesses, such as Got Bins in Columbus, help you rest easier knowing that your things are safe and sound. So what can't you store in a bin? The answer may surprise you.

Bins are capable of carrying most any item inside and protecting it well. Here are some things you can't store in a bin.

  • Perishable food
  • Buckets of water
  • Your pet
  • Fireworks (although you would probably be fine, it's slightly dangerous)

Things You Can Store In a Bin

You actually can store quite a few things in a bin. Here is a sampling of the many things that you may feel like storing when the time comes. They include

  • Photo albums
  • Old chests
  • Classic vinyl records as well as a vinyl player
  • Old stuffed animals
  • Paperwork and other documents
  • Boxes full of mementos and things to remember
  • Old posters that you can't bring yourself to throw away
  • DVDS and other movie memorabilia
  • A cardboard cutout of Elvis
  • Your favorite mugs, all boxed up
  • Clothing that you can't bear to part with
  • Your collection of high top Converse shoes
  • Vases you want to save
  • Picture frames
  • Your high school degree
  • Mismatched buttons
  • A small desk
  • Furniture
  • An old rotary phone that still works

As you can see, the limits when it comes to what you can store in your bins are endless. Regardless of what you want to store, these secure, water proof containers will protect them tirelessly. Just make sure you don't put any fruit in there! That's best kept for eating. Although a bin can keep it safe and secure, it's safe to say that time will not.

110-1113tm-vector2-997When it comes to packing up and moving your home products, you want to have the best equipment available to get the job done right. One of these crucial materials that can make moving much easier for you is a bin. Bins come in different sizes, from five, ten or sixteen feet. It may be hard to decide which bin is right for you. Usually a ten foot bin should do the job. Find out how many rooms can fit into a ten foot bin and make the difficult task of moving easier than ever for you!

The Aluminum Design keeps Up to 8,000 Lbs. Safe and Secure

Bins are designed to keep the things you have safe and secure. This is done in part by the sturdy aluminum frame which makes bearing loads easier than ever. They can carry up to 8,000 pounds of materials. These containers are serious about carrying and keeping safe all the materials inside. A ten foot bin allows you to pack most of the things in your house. If you have five rooms or even ten rooms and the amount of the material equals less than eight thousand pounds, it will fit in this bin.

The Benefits of Using Bins

The bins are kept level at all times and can be placed exactly where you need them. With the help of friendly employees at a storage solution center like Got Bins in Columbus, these bins get delivered to your home where you need them and saves you the hassle of renting a truck and trying to transport it all yourself. A ten foot bin should easily fit all of your items, whether you have three rooms' worth or ten. These water resistant bins have more than enough room to fit all of your belongings and keep them safe as well on the journey over.

7954-101413-gs7954Whether you're moving or just feel you have too much clutter in your life, there are always advantages to downsizing. You can get rid of the extra things you have. Donate to charity and help someone, and clear up the extra stuff you have in your life that you really don't need. It isn't necessary to become a hoarder, and it's that much more difficult to tote around everything you own, every move you make. So check out these tips for downsizing and see what you should store and what you shouldn't.


  • Important Memories. Anything sentimental or important from your past, hold onto. It's not worth getting rid of.
  • Anything you can't replace. From emotional objects to things that you will never be able to find or replace again, some things are worth hanging onto and can't be downsized. Realize what you value and what you don't for successful sorting.

For Those items you can't get rid of but are out of space, call Got Bins in Columbus for storage solutions.

Don't Store:

  • Clothing you no longer need. If it doesn't fit, if it's ugly, if it's stained, if it's painfully obvious it came from a specific decade, you absolutely must donate it. You don't need it anymore, and it'll just prevent you from looking your best. Donate it!
  • Anything that's junk. If it's useless, if it's tech parts, if it's just pieces of things that don't seem to have a place, see what you can do to get rid of them and no longer have to deal with these useless parts.
  • If it's broken, you have to toss it. Anything that is ripped, chipped, broken, worn, or stained, unless you can make it like new or re-purpose it, has to go. It's just taking up space in your life.

When it comes to what you want to store, the decision making process can be difficult and tedious. Get rid of the maybe pile and force yourself to work with yes or no. If you can't bring yourself to put it in the no pile, it's a yes. Hold on to what you need and get rid of what you don't for a successful downsizing. When in doubt, get an outside opinion. At the end, be proud of the fact that you have made your life simpler, less cluttered, and more rich.

modern-living-room-1113tm-pic-101If you're paying rent for even a small apartment, then it's vital that you make the most out of the space you get. While sometimes your home may look too small to be livable and this makes you feel claustrophobic, have no worries.After reading the tips below, you'll know exactly what you have to do to maximize that space you have.

Living Areas

First of all, in order to maximize space in your house; you need to focus on your living areas by selecting furniture with storage options. Therefore, make sure you get tables and coffee tables with drawers, entertainment centers that allow you to store all the electronic components inside, and other types of furniture that comes with storage options.

The Space under Your Bed

In smaller homes, storage space is a premium and because of that, you need to be creative by getting organized. Take a look around the house and notice things you rarely use that take up valuable space and then store them under your bed. Better yet, if your bed comes with drawers, then that will help you store your stuff even better. On the other hand, if you have too much stuff to store and too little space to use, then you can consider using storage bin rentals from Bins LLC in Columbus, OH to help save space.


The last room in the house where you can save space is your kitchen and here you can maximize cabinets and cupboards. How? Well, by installing basketsthat pull out and slide in so that you can effectively use the deepest parts of the cupboards. If you have tall cupboards, make sure to use stacking shelves. Lastly, install racks or hooks to store glasses or cups and don't forget about freeing up some counter space by installing appliances under cabinets.

2629-1013-B0060Having a lot of things in your house and too little space to store them is something many people are dealing with these days, but the good news is that you can easily use a storage bin service in order to have everything stored in a safe environment for as long as you want. However, what happens when you just have too much stuff to store and too little space to use? Well, that’s when you have to learn how to use your storage space as best as possible.

Be a Bit More Innovative

Many people think that the only space they get when renting a bin is the floor space, but did you know that you can also use the walls of your bin? There are many items that you could attach to the your bin's walls and by installing hooks, you can for instance hang schoolbags, clothes and anything else that can hang.

Use Shelving As Best As Possible

Shelving your storage bin is also a great way of expanding storage space which guarantees that if you ever have any future items you want to store in the future, you won't have to worry about lacking the space to do so. For example, shelving helps you a lot with getting rid of clutter such as books, toys, newspapers and so forth and that is why it's recommended you use it as soon as possible to add more storage to your bin.


Being unable to properly organize your storage space is going to undoubtedly make you realize very soon that you need to rent a bigger bin. Or do you? The thing is that once you start stacking your stuff and learn how to arrange them inside the bin, you'll be able to free up a lot of space that was actually wasted. All in all, by using these methods you'll finally be able to free up more space in your storage bin and be able to store more things without paying for more space.

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Awesome Company! When we were looking into portable storage I was pricing out PODS and BINS and we went with BINS because the customer service was unbeatable and the pricing was very reasonable. All my questions and emails were answered right away and they were extremely professional and accommodating. I highly recommend this company.  

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